Manage and Reduce Stress

Employ the Use of Natural Remedies and Pharmaceuticals

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5. Employ the Use of Natural Remedies and Pharmaceuticals

While pharmaceuticals should never be the primary tool you use to manage pain, do not hesitate to take advantage of the many remedies available for pain relief.

Essential oils may be applied topically to joints for rapid relief of pain and inflammation. Soaking in a hot bath containing Epsom salts can effective relieve pain and stress.

Herbal remedies, such a devil’s claw, yucca, willow bark and turmeric have been used for centuries as effective pain relievers. Over-the-counter aids, including menthol rubs and hot packs, are effective. Prescription medications can also be used to maintain joint health and relieve inflammation.

While many people shy away from taking pharmaceuticals, judicious use of supplements and medications may not only reduce pain, but can also help you remain active and independent. Many over-the-counter, natural and pharmaceutical remedies work by reducing inflammation. Keeping inflammation at bay protects your joints from further damage while enhancing your level of comfort.

Check with your health care provider for advice. Only use medications and supplements as prescribed.

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