8 Fun and Therapeutic Activities for Arthritis Sufferers


Photo Credit: Alexander Raths / Shutterstock.com

3. Gardening

While gardening can involve quite a bit of straining and pressing, it doesn’t have to – gardening with arthritis simply requires a few adjustments.

If you aren’t able to spend hours on end down in the dirt, bring the dirt to you: raised beds and containers are perfectly good for growing anything from flowers to fruit, and they will reduce bending, hunching and stooping. Opt for tools with large, soft handles to keep your hands happy.

Finally, don’t make things too hard on yourself by taking on an array of high-maintenance plants that call for attention to detail and periodic repotting. Instead, think perennial country gardens, easy veggies like zucchini and cherry tomatoes, and simple but bountiful flower varieties – the better the return, the more likely you’ll continue to enjoy your time in the garden.

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